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Welcome To Poplar Park Farm

Farm sign for Poplar Park Shorthorns

Poplar Park Farm was founded over 100 years ago by Charles and Evelyn Brown.  Shorthorn cattle were here from the start with purebreds starting in the early 1940’s.  Their family consisted of Florence, Norman, and Mary.  Norman took over the herd after his father’s passing.  I joined my uncle Norman in 1976 and have continued on with Shorthorn cattle.  Susan and I were married in 1985.  Our four children: William, Sean, Russell, and Evelyn have been active in Shorthorn junior shows, as well as 4-H and sports.

Our cattle are run like a commercial herd, usually grazing well into winter.  Our replacements are developed on a ration consisting almost entirely of forage.  We have never selected cattle based on the show ring or popular bloodlines.

Shorthorns at Poplar Park Farm

We’ve also selected cattle based on economic traits; steers that will compete on the rail, bulls with sound feet and legs, muscling, and calving ease, and females that are correct, easy-doing, and trouble free.

If you are looking for fat pampered cattle you won’t find them here.  However, if you want practical, hard working cattle we might have what you are looking for.  Our cattle can be found working all across Canada and the US.

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